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Sure Smile

Sure Smile

Crooked or misaligned teeth used to mean you either lived with them or had to get metal braces. Although traditional braces are still an effective option, many people don’t want to endure the hassle and discomfort of having metal and rubber adhered to their teeth. If you are one of these people, LP Dental & Cosmetic is proud to offer an alternative with SureSmile®️ aligners in Miami!

What is SureSmile®️?

SureSmile®️ is making waves in the orthodontics industry with its highly effective clear aligners. These aligners are an alternative to traditional braces that uses advanced modeling techniques to create a treatment plan to straighten misaligned teeth.

How Do They Work?

The first step is a full dental examination that includes taking an impression of your teeth. After we gather all the information we need, we send the impressions to a lab where the clear aligners are created. The aligners are used in a series, meaning you will receive a new set of aligners every few weeks throughout the length of the treatment. Over time, these aligners will slowly move your teeth over time until they reach the desired position.

Advantages of SureSmile®️ Aligners

Beyond boosting your confidence and self-esteem in your smile, these clear aligners carry several practical benefits, including being:

Fully removable and easy to clean
Fully removable and easy to clean
Fully removable and easy to clean

Do You Want to Straighten Your Smile with SureSmile®️ Aligners in Miami, FL?

Having the smile of your dreams is now more convenient than ever before. Call LP Dental & Cosmetic today to get started!

We want you to love your smile.

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